In the midst of enemies, Dax had found a friend. In the middle of a battle, he had found a very strange sort of courage. And now in the midst of these ruins, something else unexpected: a building that was almost completely intact. It was a cathedral.

After leaving the carnage on Lailenus Street, crossing the main avenue and going several streets over, the three of them – Kaire, Dax, and Athellus, who was still leaning on both of them – stood looking at the edifice before them. The cathedral’s spires stretched up, as if challenging the wrecks of the skyscrapers that lay broken and ruined over the streets.

The only damage the cathedral bore was to the eastern façade, where part of the roof had fallen in. It was built of pale stone, decorated with elaborate mouldings and decoration that ran down the edges of the walls. The windows were plain glass, rather than stained, and the door was built with heavy metal bars across it, but apart from that it reminded Dax of the cathedrals and churches he had seen at home.

“The Chapel of Silence,” said Kaire. “We’ll be safe here."

“Isn’t it a bit conspicuous?” Dax wanted to know. “The Evinthei could just walk up and knock.”

“They don’t come here,” Kaire replied.

“Why not?”

“Because they love it and hate it and they’re afraid of it,” came a dry rasp from Athellus. “Or rather, of what’s inside it.”

Dax felt a chill. “You said this place was safe!”

“It’s not dangerous like that,” Kaire told him, impatiently. As she spoke, Athellus groaned, doubling over. “Okay. Enough chatter. Let’s get you inside.”

They crossed the street, towards the enormous door. It was secured with three large bolts: Kaire pulled them back, with Dax’s help, and pushed one side open. Cool air whiffed out from inside as she took Athellus’ arm and helped him inside. Dax went along, full of trepidation.



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