Dax listened as the last syllables rolled away, then shrugged. “It’s... poetry. I guess. What does it mean?”

The creature Gothgorius let out a snarl, enough to send Dax hurriedly backwards, away from him. “I have devoured mightier beings for less insolence,” he growled, advancing on enormous, clawed feet. Dax wondered, as he backed off, what it felt like to be eaten in a dream –

Then Gothgorius paused, as if scenting something, and looked up. When his head swung back to Dax, he was smiling: not a pleasant sight, as his incisors were the length of a hand.

“Perhaps another day,” he said, sounding as if he had just heard a joke and was enjoying it hugely. Dax realised that the creature was disappearing, fading into the darkness. “For now, you have greater concerns.”

In spite of himself, Dax stepped forward, towards the fading green eyes. “Hey! Don’t disappear when I’m –“

The lightning struck again, but this time it didn’t strike the pylons of the Tower. In a blinding burst of light, it descended to the street and hit the ground almost right in front of Dax’s feet. He leapt back, smelling the reek of burning air and seared concrete. Every hair on his body was standing on end. “Jesus!”

The lightning bolt flickered out but the intense whiteness remained, seeming to fill the world, even inside Dax’s brain. He had thrown up an arm to protect his eyes, but he now he seemed to be frozen in place. The dream was breaking down all around him.

An unearthly scream cut through the air. Through watering eyes Dax saw a shadow advancing through thewhiteness. A female silhouette, with burning eyes and white hair and eldritch markings on her face, with long curved spines as sharp as razors running from her forearms, advancing on him, and all the time uttering that scream – that noise –

And Dax suddenly remembered how this dream always ended.

oh jesus oh god no no please no –

The woman swung with all the force of her upper body with those razor spines aimed right at his throat. He could not move to protect himself, could only stare into her eyes, dark blue and full of fury.

no no no oh god wake up no no wake up wake up WAKE UP –


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