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A generic name for beings who lived thousands of years ago, and who fought both the Guardians and amongst themselves. The Ancestors built a lot of machines, including the Zodiac Engines, some of which remain to this day. Their descendants, the Earthborn, are still around, but apart from that the Ancestors are now all dead. (Dreaming Awake, pg3)


A library-computer node construct used by the Evinthei. The Archive also regulates electrical power and water to those parts of Nones that still use it. The Archive was destroyed in an act of sabotage more than a century ago, but has since been restored. Like all Ancestral technology the Archive is powered with living tissue; many Evinthei donate their organs after death to keep it running. (Rain Like Static, pg47)

BANRU (pr. BAN-rou)

A foot soldier of the Greater Powers (see below). A banru is a person who, near to death, was contacted by the Greater Powers and offered healing in return for their services. Banru travel between worlds according to their orders on various missons and often work with a partner. However, their work means they rarely live long, which has led to a superstition that the extension of their lives has made them cursed. Well-known banru partnerships include Kaire and Athellus, and Merriad and Roscher. (Rain Like Static, pg46)


The state or act of being banru. Also refers to the first contact by the Greater Powers.


A governing body within the Evinthei. Though the current general can technically veto the Central Forum's decisions, Tobias Aeslin's illness means he is no longer able to check the Central Forum's power and the members are becoming more politically aggressive. The Forum's commissioner is Caler Bronns; the latest Central Forum attendees were Fifa Azera (judicial / prosecutor), Greidon Corvini (defence), Luso Tayner (Archival secretary) and Nandie Harpeti (genetic security).


Generic term / slur used by the Evinthei for anything that is intelligent but neither a construct or a human, or with 'unnatural powers'.


The clan-militia-corporation that runs Nones - or at least they think they do. The Evinthei - which means 'the inheritors' - are descended from Jayton Ember's Entourage. They are essentially soldiers and guardians of the city and the people who still live there. They violently dislike banru and will actually kill mortally wounded comrades to prevent them being 'converted' by the unknown powers that guide banru. Both Athellus and Adree were born into the Evinthei. (Battle on Lailenus Street, pg24, Rain Like Static pg50)


Creatures who live in and around the ruined areas of Nones. According to Athellus they are the devolved remains of the Ancestors (see above). Earthborn hunt in packs and jealously guard their territory. A tribe led by an Earthborn called Malvec tried to eat Dax when he first arrived in Nones. Recently the Earthborn have been following a 'Painted Oracle' and decorating themselves to look like him. (Rain Like Static, pg47)


The act of Gating out - travelling - between worlds. A temporary portal between worlds is called a Gate. Gating energy is the catalyst for creating one; in sufficient quantities it can also be used as a power source. Gating energy was released into the worlds when the Guardians died. Too much Gating energy in one place leads to weird effects like paradigm flux (see below). (Battle on Lailenus Street, pg26)


Mysterious higher powers who use banru as their foot soldiers. According to Athellus - who calls them the People Upstairs - their true identity and agenda are unknown, but they seem interested in clearing up the various messes the Guardians left behind. They are able to heal injuries and bestow ban-reth (see above) but apart from that they don't seem to have a physical presence. They guide and communicate through dreams. Dax thinks that following the orders of someone who keeps their agenda a secret is pretty stupid, but Athellus is loyal to the Greater Powers because they saved his life. (Rain Like Static, pg46)


Twelve powerful Ancestors who discovered the first portals to other worlds and guarded them jealously, earning their names, until the portals themselves became part of their bodies. The lesser Ancestors became afraid of the Guardians' power and tried to murder them with the Zodiac Engines. The Guardians raised a counter-attack in response, but it killed them instead. When they died, the portals in their bodies released Gating energy throughout the worlds. One of the Guardians died on the peninsula where Nones was founded. (Dreaming Awake, pg3, Battle on Lailenus Street, pg26)


'Living statues' that once formed part of Nones' defence grid. All seventy-three lapidtalii were linked into Nones' systems, giving them insight into the city's current status and sensory data. They were intended to lie dormant unless the city was invaded, in which case they would ambush the invaders and kill them. When humans colonised Nones the lapidtalii believed Jayton Ember was, like them, a guardian of the city (whom they addressed as 'she'), and willingly gave him their allegiance. During her time exploring Nones, Adrigal Lawley met and activated a lapidtalos called Avaughnian, who was fond of riddles.

However, when the Scorpieth attacked, the lapidtalii were activated by the Entourage and used against it as an emergency defence force. They stood no chance of survival and were destroyed in the fighting. None responded to the Evinthei's 'return home' commands. In fact there was one survivor, Gothgorius, but he gained a deep hatred of the Evinthei after they squandered the lives of his people. (The Seventy-Two Sacrifices, pg106)

LIBRAIS (pr. LEE-braiz)

One of the Zodiac Engines (see below) that infested an old communications tower in Nones. At great personal risk, Kaire managed to use the Librais to hack into the Evinthei Archive. The Librais Tower has four pylons on top and is powered by Gating energy discharges, so the Tower appears to be constantly struck by lightning. Dax has dreamed about the Librais Tower but is confused about its nature - though the Librais will kill anyone who tries to use it, in his dreams, which are otherwise fairly accurate, the Tower was wonderful rather than dangerous.


Refers to a completely fortified city-state in another world, which is mostly in ruins after suffering attacks over many years from various sources. The main factions there are the Earthborn and the Evinthei (see above). Many of the defences of Nones are still operational, though they are malfunctioning with age - others are based on Ancestral technology and have gone 'eccentric'.

The city was founded on a peninsula where one of the Guardians died: because of this there is a lot of Gating energy in the atmosphere and the city is unstable. Athellus, a native of Nones, claims that living there is like being in a war zone, and that the city 'does things' to good people.


Everything that exists is aware of that fact, on some level, conscious or not. A person's paradigm is, basically, the essence of who and what they are. In some circumstances the paradigms of living things, which are the strongest paradigms there are, can take a person between worlds or even affect other paradigms. This awareness of paradigms has led to a saying in Nones that 'everything has a soul'. (Monsters are Real, pg22)


An effect when there is too much Gating energy in one place. It builds up into a paradigm squall, essentially a localised storm which drags objects from other worlds through. It also makes physical objects change - for example, the paradigm squall Dax sees changes the brickwork on a nearby building. Paradigm flux is a constant headache for the Evinthei but they are working on the problem. (Battle on Lailenus Street, pg26)


One of the Zodiac Engines (see below) which came to Nones because of Jayton Ember and later absorbed him. It was banished by the banru Merriad and Roscher. (Rain Like Static, pg49)


A person dragged into another world against their will. Often happens when they are close to death and their paradigm begins to change to reflect that. If there is a paradigm squall in another world, they can be yanked through with the rest of the flotsam. Unlike normal Gating, being Sundered is a traumatic experience and leaves scarring. Dax's scar is on his chest and looks like a starburst. (Monsters are Real, pg22)

TAUGEN (pr. TAW-gen)

A group of Earthborn at war with the Evinthei. Adree describes them as highly intelligent 'fanatics' who think the Evinthei are 'heretics'. Taugen live by the river in Nones, underground near the city's machinery, and are highly intelligent whereas most Earthborn are little more than animals. However, the Taugen have been known to send Evinthei negotiators back in pieces. (Old-Fashioned Sabotage, pg51)


War machines built by the Ancestors to kill the Guardians. The Engines became affected by the paradigm of the zodiac and took on their characteristics. The best-known is the Scorpieth. Despite their odd name the Engines are incredibly dangerous, because they subsume people to be their operators. (Rain Like Static, pg49)