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Dramatis Personae

Main Characters




Dax West

A Londoner with a good heart, Dax works as a sound engineer. His great curiosity has a tendency to get him in trouble. He has recently been suffering from terrible headaches and eerie dreams about a ruined city, monsters, and a mysterious tower.




Athellus Borden

Originally born into the Evinthei, Athellus is now banru and Kaire's partner. His choice to leave them has earned him the hatred of the Evinthei, and they have placed a substantial price on his head. Athellus is often quiet because he's got a lot on his mind, but when it comes to combat he comes into his own as a gifted fighter who uses both a gun and an unusual knife.




Adree Aeslin

A gifted commander, sniper and scout, both intelligent and compassionate, Adree exemplifies the values of the Evinthei, the clan-militia-corporation that runs the city of Nones. She is next in line to be its leader and is anxious to protect the city against anything that might pose a threat. She was a childhood friend of Athellus Borden and, furious at his choices, has volunteered to hunt him down - despite her conflicted feelings about the situation.





Though she appears human, it is only an appearance. Kaire is demon-blooded, and is both a loyal friend and a deadly enemy. She has been Athellus' partner and fellow banru for several years. Though she's usually quite forthcoming on other subjects, Kaire is evasive and close-mouthed about her past - it isn't clear just who, or what, she is.



Secondary Characters


Heston Robbes

Adree's capable and loyal aide who has served faithfully at her right hand for years. While not as able in combat and more at home with schedules and logistics, Robbes is always at Adree's side. Despite their long friendship Robbes has never addressed Adree as anything but 'commander'.

Arawn Lessinger

An Evinthei captain and close friend of Adree Aeslin, as well as one of her loyal allies. Lessinger is a good soldier, but prone to anger and acting on impulse. After losing his brother-in-law to the Taugen, Lessinger has gained a pathological hatred of all Earthborn.

Rachelle Telcane

Rachelle is Lessigner's fiancee. Her brother Padrin was murdered by the Taugen. Rachelle believes implicitly in the Central Forum (see Glossary) and is a devoted Evinthei, but her inexperience and naivete make her easily manipulated.

Tobias Aeslin

Current general and clan leader of the Evinthei, and Adree's father. Tobias is an able leader who prefers diplomacy to fighting. He is also very religious. Recently his health has begun to deteriorate, but he retains all his faculties and remains a strong leader, hoping to pass on a stable future to his beloved daughter.


A creature from Dax's nightmares called a 'lapidtalos' (see Glossary). However, Gothgorius appears to have little memory of Dax, though he claims he 'thinks loudly'.

When the Scorpieth attacked, the lapidtalii were activated by the Entourage and used against it as an emergency defence force. They stood no chance of survival and were destroyed in the fighting. None responded to the Evinthei's 'return home' commands. In fact Gothgorius was the only survivor, but he scorned the Evinthei for killing his people. Left active for hundreds of years, he became first completely sentient, and then bored.

Gothgorius has sensed change coming to Nones, and is amusing himself by making trouble for the Evinthei.



Jayton Ember

The ancient warlord of Nones who died over a century ago. He was a military genius who united the people. His friends and colleagues were known collectively as his Entourage. Their descendants became the Evinthei, who now revere Ember as their hero.

Adrigal Lawley

Jayton Ember's lover and second in command. Adrigal is Adree's ancestor, from whom she inherited Adrigal's distinctive red hair and the telepathic gene. Adrigal was the first to die in the Scorpieth's attack, as she was trying to save Jayton's life.

Ormian Amtino

The predecessor to Jayton Ember, Ormian Amtino was a cunning leader who spent too much time in the presence of the skull of the Ninth Guardian and was driven insane... possibly. Amtino's state of mind is still a subject of debate for the Evinthei and part of the reason why they dislike banru so much. However, to the Taugen, he is a tragic hero.

Merriad and Roscher

Merriad and Roscher

Two banru who came from a distant world and saved the city of Nones from destruction. Merriad was the daughter of a high priest, and Roscher was the inconvenient 'extra' son of a royal house. Their bond as lovers made them extremely powerful and they volunteered to fight the Scorpieth. They succeeded, but they used powers too great for humans to endure. Their bodies turned to iron and remain in the Chapel of Silence.


More to be added as they show up.